Paris behind the Eiffel Tower


The city of lights, the home of romance, the capital of France and a place with too many labels, Paris. There are crowds there, many crowds and many people, and no matter why you are visiting this city, this is the first thing you will realize. Tourists who come here to feel the magnificent spirit of the city, immigrants who are seeking happiness, those who have travelled so much to come here and simply fall in love, people with different fates and people with different stories. Paris is indeed its sights – the Louvre, the Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower. Paris behind the Eiffel Tower2Paris is its museums and galleries, its boulevards and shops, but there is something hidden behind all of these. There is something charming and enthralling that makes you want to come back and even never leave. Because no matter how impressive this same tower is, it’s nothing more than a pile of iron. But the small cafes on every corner, the stations where people arrive and leave, stations full of love and friendships where happy hugs and kisses are combined with cries and screams and good-byes, stations where people are so real, the churches and the cathedrals, the religion in its purest form and the architecture in its augustness and beauty, is what moves you. There are millions emotions that remain hidden behind the Eiffel Tower every day – sensations that have made this city the one of love. Stories about break ups and marriages, proposals and weddings right there in the Champ de Mars, little kids who travel for first time and old people who experience one last remembering and remarkable journey. Smiles and wrinkles and eyes full of joy or even tears sometimes, that all can be seen there, behind the scenes of this same old town full of glitter, where it’s honest and true and where your soul finds its real home, you are at ease.