My big fat Greek dinner…

…or the most tasty, heavenly, magnificent meal in Halkidiki

If you try convince me that when you are choosing your holiday destination or the more so when you are looking for a place where you could buy a coastal summer villa, you are not paying attention to the food, I won’t believe you at all. Because if the food is something we neglect when we are at home, when we are busy going to work every day and have too many things to do in the household when we are back, when we are on a holiday we want it to be absolutely damn flawless. So let’s be honest and admit that there are some nations famous with their wonderful cuisine. And number one is probably Italy. But this southern country is too commercial these days and the food offered there is prepared for tourists who are most often not too pretentious. But there’s a place on Earth, where the atmosphere and the food are exactly as authentic as the nature and the people are – the Greek peninsula Halkidiki. And combined with the endless fine beaches, the magnificently blue sea and the unique timelessness, the wonderful food makes you want to come back again.

You come back from the beach, satisfied, but a little bit tired, and after a refreshing shower, you are ready for dinner. So you go out and you land on one of the coastal streets full of people and tavernas /small restaurants serving typical Greek cuisine/. You now hear clamor and people talking and laughing and some other playing the traditional Greek sirtaki. You soon choose one taverna close to the beach and you get the menu offering you too many delicious specialties. While you are enjoying the lovely view of the nighty sea and relish the breeze, the smiley nice waiter comes, bringing you a bottle of cold ouzo – an awesome alcoholic drink that is specifically Greek. By the time you are trying it, he arrives again with hot, delicious, home-baked bread that is literally melting in your mouth and a huge plate with Greek salad. And the salad here is not what you have tried in some other places around the world – it’s pure perfection. The tomatoes that have gathered the sunbeams turning them into enthralling taste combined with the original Feta cheese and the oregano, the olives and the extra virgin oil that are uniquely delightful, make this salad an experience, a sensation, not a simple dish. You then choose one of the fishes meshed only couple of hours ago and get it soon roasted with lemons, olive oil and some little secret spice that makes it Greek. You only think that you are in heaven, that there’s nothing better they can offer you, when a plate full of marrows prepared in some strange new typically Greek way appears on the table with a bowl of tzatziki. And if you’re one of the many who believe that the food of one country is reflection of its people and their lifestyle, you are now in love with Halkidiki.