Cleaning the living room perfectly in 3 simple steps

There are some things that the autumn surely comes with – the falling leaves, the coolness of the evenings, the calmness of the nature falling asleep and the desire to go home, to be safe, to stay there and to be at ease. Your house turns out to be pretty important, you don’t want to […]

Home edition: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

We are not at a wedding now, no, we are setting up our new home and we surprisingly realized that this old bridal tradition is completely suitable to a home design, too. And yeah, we don’t really need furniture only, we need some little details which will make the whole place more homey and cozy […]

All roads lead to Rome

or “Tutte le strade portano a Roma

“You may have the universe, if I may have Italy” said Giuseppe Verdi too long ago. And Rome is the emanation of Italy. Rome is perfection. And I do not want to talk about the Colosseo and the Fontana di Trevi, about the Spanish steps and the basilica St. Peter, not because they are not worth it, hell no, they are majestic and impressive, but Rome is not only a city of sightseeing tours and buses with no roofs and people with cameras on the top of them, listening to a monotonous voice telling them some backstory of every building. Rome is experience. So when you want one, take your time, go there for as long as possible, for a week or a couple, for a month or a whole summer. Go there and relish the dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) as the lovely woman in Eat, Pray, Love did, as all the Italians live.

My big fat Greek dinner…

…or the most tasty, heavenly, magnificent meal in Halkidiki If you try convince me that when you are choosing your holiday destination or the more so when you are looking for a place where you could buy a coastal summer villa, you are not paying attention to the food, I won’t believe you at all. […]

Cleaning your kitchen with easy and inexpensive methods

The kitchen is one of the rooms in every house that sees the most traffic and use on daily basis. Family meals are prepared there, which means that it has to be spotless at all times. Most people dread the time when they have to get stuck in and clean the kitchen floor and appliances. […]