The mattress deep cleaning

The bedroom is not a simple room – it’s a heavenly place, where you could share moments, emotions, sensations with your beloved one, where you could cuddle and simply relax talking about the next day’s schedule or the travelling in the space, here you can read a book and escape the reality or you can light some candles and be at ease, forgetting the everydayness. And this place has its heart – the magical bed. Choosing a bed is like choosing a house because it should be comfortable and beautiful and it has to fit the interior design and it should be on a reasonable price and so on. But once you have it, do you really take care of it? Most probably no.

But you should, because the main part of the bed – the mattress, seriously needs a regular clean-up.

Prepare or buy

The mattress deep cleaning1You will need some kind of disinfecting detergent and you either have to buy it or to prepare it at home. In the market, you will find a great variety of cleaning products and though there won’t be one specialized for mattresses, you could use one made for fabrics. And if you prefer using more natural detergents, you can prepare a mixture of baking soda and some essential oil (lavender, for instance). Thus you will bring some nice scents in this room, too.


Rub now the mixture into the bed, making sure that you will get rid of all the dust and the dirt. You may leave it for some time like this and then you should remove it with a wet clout. The final step is vacuum-cleaning and removing some little parts from the cleaning products. Actually, you can use the vacuum-cleaner for a regular every month clean-up as well and thus you will remove at least most of the dust accumulated by the mattress.

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