The dirtiest places in your home

I have always thought that I am a fastidious person, who tries to keep everything perfectly clean at home, every room, every spot, every corner and every surface. I am that lady who always walks after the children reminding them not to touch the walls, not to go with muddy shoes on the beautifully white carpet. Yes, I am the same lady who can spend a nice relaxing day, shopping, reading a book and chilling, and then I can also clean the bathroom till 2 a.m. I am the one, who cleans the ceramic hobs right after I have made the pancakes on an easy Sunday morning and I am the same lady who cleans the coffee maker every week. And yes my home looks better than the average one. But lately, I understood that I was totally deluded. After I decided to hire SYK professional cleaners for a spring cleaning, as many experts tell that regular deep professional cleaning is what every home needs, I was amazed. And I won’t talk about the brilliant service, which I expected, but about some little details. They arrived fully equipped and ready to perform THE cleaning and if I have to be honest, I have never ever cleaned in my entire life some of the places they took care of.

The silverware drawer organizer    

Yeah, you most probably think now that I am insane and that this thing is too irrelevant to be one of the dirtiest at home. Well, the truth is that I haven’t moved it since I first came into this house and put it there and I doubt that you have. And in fact, there was far too much dust and dirt right under the perfectly washed forks and knives. So clean it, it won’t take you time to get it out of the cupboard and to remove all the utensils from over there. Thus the next time you are arranging the table, you will get the perfectly cleaned forks from the perfectly cleaned organizer and you will be pleased.

The light fixtures

Obviously, the fact that they are up there doesn’t mean that they are dust-proof and they accumulate so much dirt which then spreads all around the house, which you have spent so much time cleaning. Get a chair and a wet clout and cope with this situation and thus your entire home will remain clean for much longer.

At the back 

Well, this is too general, but when was the last time you cleaned behind the coffee maker? Or behind the toilet? Or behind the night table? Or the sofa? Usually, we clean everything as it is and we don’t like moving and rearranging especially when it is about the furniture. But in fact, you will do wonders by simply cleaning behind the toaster, because storing dust at the back of the appliances on the kitchen plot is definitely not the best idea.

And because we are perfectionists and we strive for greatness – don’t skip these next time.

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