The after beach clean-up that will make your summer house shine

You are having a great summer, your skin is getting darker, your hair salty and your heart full of joy, the endless stunning beach is the place to be, the beautifully azure sea the view you want to enjoy your whole life, the magical sunshine soothes your senses and the perfect silence interrupted by the rhythmical noise of the waves supplements this whole atmosphere, making it simply flawless and your happiness perfect. You certainly believe that you can live this way for good, no, you can even love living like this forever, because it is so damn awesome.Your heart is full of joy and you are completely at ease, the problems you had in work seem so far away as if they were all part of some past life of yours and the everydayness is tranquility, shared love and pure bliss.

Walking back to your lovely summer house

You are walking back to your lovely summer house then, the one with the beautiful little garden with a few olive trees that make the splendid shady place where you can have your cup of coffee in the morning and a lovely dinner all together at night, and you are considering the idea of performing a clean-up. Yeah, you are now in paradise, but even here you are not truly careless and so that you may feel perfectly well at home, you have to maintain it somehow.

And here comes the question: is the beach house home maintenance in a way different from the traditional, normal one?

Well, there is nothing that differs so drastically, but if you pay some more attention to these particular details, I promise you the greatness you strive for.

The sand

shell-602226_1280You thought that there is nothing more annoying than the dust, but here you meet the sand and you realize that this thing is the hell itself. Oh, yeah, it can be found absolutely everywhere and it is so hard to get rid of. The first and almost impossible to be completed step is not to take it into the house, but as we all know it will find a way through the beach bag, the towels, flip-flops, bathing suit or whatever, so you better focus on the removal. Your best friend here is undoubtedly the vacuum-cleaner. Make sure that all the surfaces are dry and then vacuum-clean precisely removing it all. This is a cleaning method suitable not for the floor only, but for the cupboards, shelves, balconies, bathrooms or wherever you find that stupid thing. So kill it. I believe that you can.

The salty and sticky furniture, decorations, stuff

Everything there is salty and sticky, especially if it is in some kind of an outdoor area like a balcony or a garden, which makes you pissed every time you touch that vase on the table or you simply sit on a chair. The solution is however not that strenuous – fill a spray bottle with water and go with a simple rag over them all.

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