Fresh air, clean home, happy people

Let’s talk about… cleaning routines. What are you doing on a regular basis: vacuum-cleaning and dust removal? Are you washing the windows, are you arranging the closet? Are you moving the furniture so that you can clean behind them? Are you cleaning the bathtub? Or the coffee-maker? Or the carpet? We are so different that we definitely have different cleaning routines as well. But there are some basics – yeah, you cannot convince yourself that you are maintaining your home well, if for instance the air in your house is not that fresh? In fact have you ever thought about the air? Seriously? This is not a regular task, it is even not on the end of tenancy cleaning checklist, though if the landlord arrives and notices that you have been smoking in the property, you will have to say good-bye to the money from the security deposit instantly. And now as we are aware of the whole fresh air situation, the real question is what can we do? 

Natural airing 

This is indeed the easiest solution, but unfortunately it works only when the air outside your home is fresh. And if you are living in a building situated on a busy boulevard, where there are cars and buses and people 24/7, you may not succeed by simply opening the windows.

Home-made fragrance spray 

There are different air-fresheners that can be found in every supermarket, but in the reality they add some scent, but are so harmful that can cause you an allergy or infection. So mix some baking soda, fragrance oil and water and you have this magical spray.

Home plants 

This one is really efficient, but it requires some more time as well. You need to buy some indoor plants, to arrange them in the house, to water them frequently and to enjoy the result at the end.