Cleaning the living room perfectly in 3 simple steps

There are some things that the autumn surely comes with – the falling leaves, the coolness of the evenings, the calmness of the nature falling asleep and the desire to go home, to be safe, to stay there and to be at ease.

Your house turns out to be pretty important, you don’t want to go out, to spend the weekends in the windy and cold parks, you don’t want to wonder, you simply want to make a castle out of your living room and to stay there for good.

But how does this room actually look now, this room where cuddling you will watch movies and spend time with precious and loved people, this same room where you will read books, drink coffee and tea and wine, where you will chill and fill your heart with joys. Doesn’t this room deserve some special care now? I believe so.  

The sofa

Start with this most relevant for sure piece of furniture. Vacuum-clean it really well, because it accumulates too much dirt and dust and then use some kind of detergent to perfect it, disinfect it and make it the best place possible.

The floor/the carpet

Since you will spend so much time there, you don’t want to be disappointed noticing dirty white socks, so vacuum- or steam-clean it first. If the floor is wooden or bamboo, apply some type of wood care detergent and with a microfiber cloth make it shine, and if it is carpeted, you better hire one of the best London’s cleaners for a deep carpet cleaning, which will leave you out of breath.

The windows

I believe that you need no instruction for how to wash the windows, but the truth is that you should not skip this step, simply because you will thus enjoy the view from the living room so much better.

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