Clean the attic and basement in 5 steps

1.Make an action plan

You may find it fun to clean up on a plan, but when a basic cleaning is delayed for a long time, it will take a long time. If you want to act as effectively as possible and if possible to end in one day, rather than three, it is important to plan from where you will begin, how you will proceed and, above all, allocate responsibilities between several people so that everyone can act in a particular sector the service room.

2.Before proceeding with the cleaning itself, take care to dispose of the stored household appliances and old furniture

We are all filling the basements and the ceilings with the furniture and household appliances that we have replaced with new, modern and above all working ones. People have the strange ability to cling to their belongings, and even when it is clear they will never use them again, they take them back to the basement in the hope that someone else will use them again.

Hire a licensed company to export the electrical appliances for use if it is impossible to repair and give it to someone who needs them. Under no circumstances, export massive items to the waste container in front of the unit, because you can get a salty fine.

3.It is time to take care of old newspapers, magazines and books

Image of house cleaningAmong the things we build on ceilings and basements are piles of paper, in the form of books and old newspapers and magazines. There is hardly a need to tell you that books do not deserve such fate, so instead of letting them rot or serve rodents, you better donate them to a library. Newspapers and magazines should not be stored in the attics or in the basements, because in the event of a fire, they will keep the fire longer than you want. Hand over them for secondary raw materials or just burn them.

4.Once you dispose of wasteful things, start arranging

You’ve already eliminated the bulky buckets that occupied more than half the area in the basement or at the ceiling, which means it’s time to turn the row among the remaining items. Sort items by type and application – this will help you find what you are looking for later on. To store the remaining items better, store them in sturdy wooden or plastic boxes. Write down the boxes to know what they are looking for when looking for something.

5.Sprinkle cement floors with water before sweeping

Once you have cleaned and arranged the room it is time for the last step – sweeping the floor. The dust that has been gathering on the floor for years will rise when you start to move, and apart from choking you and making your eyes stick to the walls of the whole room. Few amount of water will help you get all the dust away without inhaling and spreading it anywhere. If you have carpets is better call a professional company that offer carpet end of tenancy cleaning.



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