Image of apple vinegarWhite (distilled) vinegar is one of the most affordable and commonly used home cleaning products. It is an indispensable part of the eco-cleaning of various surfaces, removing mold and possessing strong antibacterial properties. However, we must not forget that it is acid and can not be used on all surfaces. In the following lines we will share with you where you should not use white vinegar.

Do not use it to remove grease from dirty dishes

Although vinegar is very effective in cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces in the kitchen, it is an acid and should not be used to clean baking pots, pans and plates. Alkaline cleaners, such as dishwashing or even soap, will do a better job of removing grease and greasy stains from your dishes.

Never use on polished surfaces

The cleaning of surfaces whose outer layer is paraffin or other wax must never be done with white vinegar. Such are the surfaces of solid wood furniture, wooden floors, frames and accessories. Vinegar destroys this coating and destroys the brilliance of the tree achieved thanks to polishing. However, if your goal is to remove the old lacquer to make a new one, vinegar will certainly do the job.

Do not clean the marble with vinegar

Never use any vinegar or vinegar products in marble cleaning. Acid will surely cause corrosion of natural stone. Better use carbon peroxide to clean the marble, but never vinegar.

Be careful what vinegar you use when washing

Never use wine or apple vinegar when washing clothes. These two types of vinegar can paint or stain your laundry. If you want to add vinegar to your laundry, always use white distilled vinegar – it bleaches the fabrics and removes the odors.

Do not use vinegar on aluminum and iron

Aluminum vessels and cast iron and iron pans should not be cleaned with vinegar. The metals will react with the acid and will be destroyed. You can use vinegar to clean enameled or stainless steel vessels.

Never use bleach and vinegar together

Bellina and vinegar are different in nature, but both are strong cleaning agents, especially when fighting with mold. However, they should not be used together as poisonous toxic gas is released during mixing. Therefore, you must use them separately.

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