5 beautiful ways to organize your kitchen closet

When it comes to organization, the kitchen drawers and the closet are the last places we can think of. They are filled with various food products, spices and kitchen appliances that live very well in chaos and disorder. But if you rethink your philosophy for the kitchen closet and take the time to arrange it, you’ll find how much easier your life will be, and the closet will even get some charm. Try these simple but beautiful ways to arrange the closet and kitchen drawers. We are sure you will like the change.

1.Use beautiful containers for the same type of products

If you like to make baking, you can store all the ingredients you need in same glass containers and put them in one place. This way the drawer will look much nicer, cleaner and more enjoyable. In addition, you will easily notice when the necessary products are reduced and you will be able to stock more flour, soda and more in time. Another advantage of glass containers is that your drawer will be more hygienic and you do not have to worry about annoying bugs that like open packs of food.

2. Label on the jars

kitchen closetThe plus to keep the products in their original packaging is that you can easily distinguish them, but only so. A much more organized method is to put them in jars and label them. Labels are very important in order not to get a lot of gaffes in cooking because some products are very much alike. You can label the jars with a special marker, print labels or craft them manually – the possibilities are countless.

3. Use baskets

When it comes to organizing the kitchen closet, you can never go wrong with some beautiful baskets. They are also sold in all sizes and styles so you can choose the ones that best suit your home and tastes. You do not have to choose the classic wooden baskets, there are many variations of wire or plastic. They are a nice way to find a place for products that you are wondering about where to put.

4. Take advantage of the walls

Occasionally finding a place in the closet or kitchen is a real challenge – space on the floor is limited, empty space in the drawers just does not exist, and you are already wondering what to do. At such times you can use the walls – wall organizers are very practical and modern, and there are a variety of different types to suit your taste – textile, wood, metal or created by yourself.

5. Put rotating trays

The most important thing in arranging the closet is to easily reach what you need. That’s why the swivel trays are very comfortable. The English name of this gadget literally means “Lazy Susan” because it will save you a lot of effort in digging out the cabinet until you find what you need. On the rotating tray you can arrange jars or bottles and just one turn to reach the required product, instead of stirring all the others. If the space is large, you can install even a few such trays.

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