How to clean the iron at home?

The contaminated iron plate is an annoying problem, whether you have burned a garment and there are debris on the coating, or over time has formed deposits of solid water. When the flat portion of the iron is not completely clean, the risk of staining, or even worse, burn the garment that the ironing increases. That’s why we’ve chosen the most effective methods for quickly and easily cleaning household iron with environmental and handy materials.

Remove stains from burning


Image of newspaperHeat the iron to the highest temperature. Put a clean, dry cloth on the ironing table on it – a newspaper. Smooth the paper with the heated iron. Spend it several times and the hard cloth of cloth will fall. You can also use a paper handkerchief.


Heat the iron lightly and then turn it off – it should be so hot that you can touch it without burning. Take a piece of Image of vinegarcotton cloth, soak it in vinegar and rub the stain of the burned. This method requires a little more time, but it is suitable for cleaning the iron plate without the risk of scratching.

Sea salt

Heat the iron at the highest temperature. Pour a dry cloth over the ironing table and sprinkle it with large sea salt. Pass the iron over the salt several times until the burnt spot falls.

Image of salt

Soda bicarbonate

Prepare a thick paste of two to three tablespoons of soda bicarbonate and very little water. Lubricate the cold iron plate with the mixture. Using a cotton cloth, gently scrub the stain with light circular movements. After this peculiar peeling of the spot there will be no trace. Here you can read more interesting home cleaning ideas with soda.

Dishwashing detergent

If you do not want to use abrasive substances such as salt or soda, try removing the burnt spot from the iron with the help of dishwashing detergent. Immerse a clean cloth in a warm water bowl in which 1 tablespoon of toast is dissolved. Remove the cloth without squeezing it and put it in a flat basin (also does the job) put the iron on the cloth and let it soak for a few hours. Wash the plate with warm water and the soft side of the sponge for dishes to avoid scratching it.

Removal of lime deposits and polishing

If the iron plate is cloudy and you feel it is not slipping on your clothes as easily as it was when you were new, try these easy polishing tricks that are used to clean silver.


Image of toothpasteLubricate the cold iron with a toothpaste and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Use plain, non-gel or abrasive paste. Take a cotton cloth, polish the metal surface with circular movements and rinse. Turn on the iron to the highest level and drop the steam so that if there is a paste remaining in the steam holes, go out.

I took this useful tricks from a friend from London end of tenancy cleaning, you can find them here.