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White (distilled) vinegar is one of the most affordable and commonly used home cleaning products. It is an indispensable part of the eco-cleaning of various surfaces, removing mold and possessing strong antibacterial properties. However, we must not forget that it is acid and can not be used on all surfaces. In the following lines we will share with you where you should not use white vinegar.

Do not use it to remove grease from dirty dishes

Although vinegar is very effective in cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces in the kitchen, it is an acid and should not be used to clean baking pots, pans and plates. Alkaline cleaners, such as dishwashing or even soap, will do a better job of removing grease and greasy stains from your dishes…

Bellina and vinegar are different in nature, but both are strong cleaning agents, especially when fighting with mold. However, they should not be used together as poisonous toxic gas is released during mixing. Therefore, you must use them separately.

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How to clean the iron at home?

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The contaminated iron plate is an annoying problem, whether you have burned a garment and there are debris on the coating, or over time has formed deposits of solid water. When the flat portion of the iron is not completely clean, the risk of staining, or even worse, burn the garment that the ironing increases. That’s why we’ve chosen the most effective methods for quickly and easily cleaning household iron with environmental and handy materials….

Removal of lime deposits and polishing

If the iron plate is cloudy and you feel it is not slipping on your clothes as easily as it was when you were new, try these easy polishing tricks that are used to clean silver.


Image of toothpasteLubricate the cold iron with a toothpaste and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Use plain, non-gel or abrasive paste. Take a cotton cloth, polish the metal surface with circular movements and rinse. Turn on the iron to the highest level and drop the steam so that if there is a paste remaining in the steam holes, go out.

I took this useful tricks from a friend from London end of tenancy cleaning, you can find them here.

Clean the attic and basement in 5 steps

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1.Make an action plan

You may find it fun to clean up on a plan, but when a basic cleaning is delayed for a long time, it will take a long time. If you want to act as effectively as possible and if possible to end in one day, rather than three, it is important to plan from where you will begin, how you will proceed and, above all, allocate responsibilities between several people so that everyone can act in a particular sector the service room….

Once you have cleaned and arranged the room it is time for the last step – sweeping the floor. The dust that has been gathering on the floor for years will rise when you start to move, and apart from choking you and making your eyes stick to the walls of the whole room. Few amount of water will help you get all the dust away without inhaling and spreading it anywhere. If you have carpets is better call a professional company that offer carpet end of tenancy cleaning.

5 beautiful ways to organize your kitchen closet

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When it comes to organization, the kitchen drawers and the closet are the last places we can think of. They are filled with various food products, spices and kitchen appliances that live very well in chaos and disorder. But if you rethink your philosophy for the kitchen closet and take the time to arrange it, […]

Paris behind the Eiffel Tower

The city of lights, the home of romance, the capital of France and a place with too many labels, Paris. There are crowds there, many crowds and many people, and no matter why you are visiting this city, this is the first thing you will realize. Tourists who come here to feel the magnificent spirit of the city, immigrants who are seeking happiness, those who have traveled so much to come here and simply fall in love, people with different fates and people with different stories.

Paris is indeed its sights – the Louvre, the Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is its museums and galleries, its boulevards and shops, but there is something hidden behind all of these.

Travelling with kids: the reality and some tips

Your little 3-year old girl is the cutest one in the world. She is not one of the always-want-something kids, she is not crying so much (lately) and you notice some little things that show you how quickly she is growing up – she is not a little baby anymore. And you have always dreamed about a trip to Paris, or Barcelona or New York, and you tell yourself that she is old enough. For God sake, even for a second, you do not think about leaving without your little one. Ok, you are all done, obviously, you are more than brave, as well, or just too delude: the time will show. After packing for hours, taking at least two suitcases for a long weekend in Paris, you are about to go to the airport. For now, everyone is calm, threateningly calm maybe.

The mattress deep cleaning

The bedroom is not a simple room – it’s a heavenly place, where you could share moments, emotions, sensations with your beloved one, where you could cuddle and simply relax talking about the next day’s schedule or the travelling in the space, here you can read a book and escape the reality or you can […]

Fresh air, clean home, happy people

Let’s talk about… cleaning routines. What are you doing on a regular basis: vacuum-cleaning and dust removal? Are you washing the windows, are you arranging the closet? Are you moving the furniture so that you can clean behind them? Are you cleaning the bathtub? Or the coffee-maker? Or the carpet? We are so different that […]

The dirtiest places in your home

I have always thought that I am a fastidious person, who tries to keep everything perfectly clean at home, every room, every spot, every corner and every surface. I am that lady who always walks after the children reminding them not to touch the walls, not to go with muddy shoes on the beautifully white carpet. Yes, I am the same lady who can spend a nice relaxing day, shopping, reading a book and chilling, and then I can also clean the bathroom till 2 a.m. I am the one, who cleans the ceramic hobs right after I have made the pancakes on an easy Sunday morning and I am the same lady who cleans the coffee maker every week. And yes my home looks better than the average one. But lately, I understood that I was totally deluded. After I decided to hire SYK professional cleaners for a spring cleaning, as many experts tell that regular deep professional cleaning is what every home needs, I was amazed. And I won’t talk about the brilliant service, which I expected, but about some little details. They arrived fully equipped and ready to perform THE cleaning and if I have to be honest, I have never ever cleaned in my entire life some of the places they took care of.

Keep your home organized and the move out cleaning will be effortless

The move out is said to be always time-consuming and tiring and for this reason, you are biased and you hate it before it has even started. The truth is that like everything else, it could be either an easy-peasy task or the nightmare of every living-being and it depends actually on the way you home is designed and arranged and mostly on the way it is maintained and organized. If you live in the mess itself, if you can never find a single object, book, cloth or whatever at home, if the dust is in such a great amount that you can hardly see the surface beneath, if the windows are so dirty that are opaque, then the end of tenancy cleaning would be annoying and hard for you and for the professionals as well (and oh God, you will need an expert help for sure).